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  • Jamie Faulkner

Stepping into Spring!

Today, March 19th is officially the last day of winter!

Which means TOMORROW is officially the first day of SPRING!!!

As the days start to get longer and the temperature slowly climbs, it's a great time to get outside and soak up some vitamin D!

If you’re looking to start a healthier lifestyle, you don’t have to join a gym right away and start lifting weights or training for a marathon. Here are a few simple ideas to help inspire and motivate you to get moving!

Walking and Hiking

Spring is my favorite time to go on a walk in the woods or hike up a Mountain (although I haven’t done this since my foot issues started). I love hearing the birds chirping and the rivers starting to flow again. Fresh air and sunshine always feels best after you’ve been trapped in your house all winter long.

In New England, where I live, there are dozens of conservation areas and mountain trails within an hour’s drive, so there’s always an opportunity to explore a new place. However, sometimes the tried and true walk around the block is just as good, as a new season can bring a new perspective on your surroundings.

Another way to add to the adventure is try an activity like letterboxing or Geocaching. I haven’t tried Geocaching yet, but a few years ago my friend Nicole and I went letterboxing, and I remember it being so fun to be able to join a community of other people who have all been there before, in that very spot, sometimes years apart, stamping their names in that very book.

If you can’t find any trails in the woods, or need a flat surface for whatever reason, there are also wonderful rail trails around Massachusetts, and I’m sure other areas as well! This offers a flat surface away from cars that’s great for walking, biking, roller blading, etc. There are lots of beautiful trails that let you take in nature while still being safe and sound on pavement.

Lawn Games

When the snow finally melts away, take to your yard and grab some lawn games! A few years back, Jim and I went to a corn-hole tournament with some friends and we had such a great time! Jim and his teammate made it to the semi-finals! (My partner and I lost the first round and ordered some drinks!). We had so much fun that Jim ended up purchasing a set of tournament grade cornhole boards. It’s one of the few ways I can get him outside when I’m sick of watching Netflix.

Most lawn games require little equipment and minimal set up. KanJam is another one of my favorites, which almost always leads to just throwing the frisbee around the yard. A multipurpose net can be set up in the yard and used for volleyball or badminton, or you can always just kick a soccer ball around or toss a baseball.

If all else fails, grab your kiddos (or in my case: niece and nephew) and just... play! I promise they will wear you out!


Whether or not you have a yard, gardening can be a great way to add some movement to your day. There are so many amazing options for vertical gardens now, that all you really need is a balcony or even a fire escape.

I myself have not been blessed with the green thumb; it seems to have skipped a generation as my mother and her two brothers are all superstar landscapers. If it’s something you’ve always been interested in, why not give it a try this spring?

Gardening can be a great workout - just think about all the bending and lifting and shoveling. Ooph! I’m tired already! Even if you just make a small garden and don’t make a workout of it, it’s a great way to get moving and so much better for you than lounging on the couch.

Spring Cleaning

If you didn’t use the lockdown as an excuse to clean your house and purge your belongings, now is as good a time as any!

Spring is a great time to clean-house because it’s not too cold to bring things to the car (or dumpster), but it’s not too hot that you’re gonna be sweating the whole time. You can open up the windows and let the light in to illuminate all the dust that’s settled in the corners.

I’ve been re-organizing our whole apartment the past few weeks and Jim thinks I’ve lost my mind. I think it’s just that I finally have the time and energy to do it. Organizing can also be really helpful if you have anxiety, because it offers you a sense of control in a world that often feels uncontrollable.

If you come across items that you haven’t used (or even seen) in over a year - maybe it’s time for the PURGE. I recently started selling things on Mercari (you can use my referral code if you decide to sign up) and I love it! Instead of throwing my junk in the trash, I’m able to give it to someone who actually wants it! And it doesn’t hurt that I can make a few bucks off the deal. However, selling can be time consuming, so donating your belongings to a charity is a great option as well - just make sure to do your research on the charity you’re supporting and that it really aligns with your values.

Outdoor Classes

Last but definitely not least - the thing I am personally the MOST excited about! Outdoor fitness classes!

It’s been just over a year that I was told I could no longer teach in person classes in the gym, and although I reluctantly adapted to teaching on zoom… I MISS MY FITFAM!

I am so so SOOOO excited to be able to teach in person classes again this spring and summer! Although the light at the end of the covid tunnel is visible, I expect it will still be a while longer until we can have group fitness classes indoors again.

Taking group fitness classes outside is a wonderful way to try new things, find a community of like-minded exercisers, and get a great workout! If you’re in the area, you’re welcome to join my class at Anytime Fitness in Acton - first class is free!

If you’re not in my neck of the woods, check with your local Parks and Recreation department to see if there are classes in your area being offered!


Key takeaways - you don’t have to do a one hour workout or a High Intensity class to add some movement to your day. Spring is a great time to start something new and to find an activity that you enjoy. Some movement is better than none, and a little sunshine and fresh air can go a long way for your health and happiness.

Happy Spring!

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